Table 13—

Total cost of diabetes, 2002

Cost componentTotal cost attributable to diabetes (millions of dollars)Components’ proportion of total cost (%)*
Health care expenditures91,86170
 Institutional care54,21541
  Hospital inpatient care40,33731
  Nursing home care13,87811
 Outpatient care20,13015
  Physician office-based care10,0338
  Emergency care2,1622
  Ambulance services1460
  Hospital outpatient care3,3153
  Home healthcare3,9303
  Hospice care5430
 Outpatient medication and supplies17,51613
  Outpatient medication5,5164
  Insulin and delivery supplies6,9915
  Oral agents5,0094
Indirect costs due to lost productivity39,81030
 Lost work days4,5033
 Restricted activity days6,2565
 Permanent disability7,4946
Total cost131,672100
  • *

    * Cost component percentages do not necessarily sum to category totals because of rounding.