Table 6—

Proportion of total U.S. health care use attributable to diabetes for various conditions

Service*DiabetesChronic complications
General medical conditionsTotal
NeurologicalPeripheral vascularCardiovascularRenalMetabolicOphthalmicOther
Institutional care
 Inpatient days100781910138389
 Nursing home days100151219201304915
Outpatient care
 Physician office visits10086208146257
 Emergency visits100772071317144
 Hospital outpatient visits100982281412147
 Home health visits1007919127931118
 Hospice care days10059191011001314
  • Data are %.

  • *

    * Differences across service types in the proportion of total health care use attributable to diabetes occur because the etiological fraction for a particular medical condition differs by demographic group, and the demographic characteristics of patients receiving services differ by type of service.