Table 7—

Health care expenditures attributable to diabetes in the U.S., by age and type of service, 2002 (in millions of dollars)

Type of serviceAge (years)
Institutional care
 Hospital inpatient days5,20713,83821,29340,337
 Nursing home days2,5525,5285,79813,878
Outpatient care
 Office-based physician encounters1,8512,6785,50510,033
 Emergency department encounters1514391,5722,162
 Hospital outpatient and free-standing ambulatory surgical center encounters261,3451,9443,315
 Home health visits1335243,2733,930
 Hospice care days546492543
Other expenditures
 Ambulance services284077146
 Outpatient medication7561,9912,7695,516
 Oral agents5332,3182,1575,009
 Insulin and delivery supplies1,3552,8912,7456,991