Table 2—

Self-reported menstrual cycle characteristics of women with and without type 1 diabetes by age range

Type 1 diabetesWithout diabetes
SistersControl subjects
<20 years of age (n)143186158
 Bleeding ≥6 days56.541.647.70.04
 Cycles >31 days24.814.317.80.07
 Heavy bleeding25.
 Any irregularity78.764.366.70.02
20–29 years of age (n)143186158
 Bleeding ≥6 days52.838.740.50.04
 Cycles >31 days22.
 Heavy bleeding27.014.721.00.03
 Any irregularity76.855.455.5<0.001
30–39 years of age (n)141180152
 Bleeding ≥6 days44.841.136.20.36
 Cycles >31 days11.
 Heavy bleeding25.018.625.20.29
 Any irregularity67.557.953.80.08
40–49 years of age (n)10011491
 Bleeding ≥6 days40.836.029.00.34
 Cycles >31 days8.611.110.40.87
 Heavy bleeding21.627.529.20.55
 Any irregularity67.667.462.10.74
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