Table 3—

Correlations between the shape index and subject characteristics

Shape index
Residual shape index (adjusted for glucoseAUC)*
Age (years)−0.170<0.00010.0190.65
BMI (kg/m2)−0.209<0.0001−0.0230.59
Fasting plasma glucose (mmol/l)−0.241<0.00010.0810.058
Plasma glucose at 120 min (mmol/l)−0.0660.120.397<0.0001
GlucoseAUC (mmol · l−1 · h−1)−0.528<0.0001
Fasting plasma insulin (pmol/l)−0.250<0.0001−0.0750.081
Plasma insulin at 120 min (pmol/l)−0.1190.00540.1320.0020
InsulinAUC (pmol · l−1 · h−1)−0.252<0.0001−0.0230.59
Fasting plasma glucagon (pg/ml)−0.1570.010−0.0090.88
Plasma glucagon at 120 min (pg/ml)−0.0660.280.0090.89
GlucagonAUC (pg/h)−0.1100.0770.0200.74
HbA1c (%)−0.171<0.00010.0060.89
ISI (ref. 3) (units)0.313<0.0001−0.0060.89
ISI (ref. 2) (units)0.229<0.0001−0.0470.28
Estimated first-phase insulin secretion0.1280.0027−0.0040.92
Insulinogenic index0.130.00250.0400.35
Disposition index0.464<0.0001−0.030.47
  • *

    * Residuals from linear regression curve, shape-index against glucoseAUC (for illustration see fig. 1);

  • glucagon data were available in a subgroup of 265 subjects. HOMA-IR, homeostasis model assessment for insulin resistance; HOMA-IS, HOMA for insulin sensitivity.