Table 2—

Characteristics of women with GDM delivering in the periods of endocrinologist-based and diabetes nurse-based management

Endocrinologist-based managementDiabetes nurse-based managementP
Age (years)33 (23–42)33 (19–44)NS
BMI (kg/m2)22.9 (16.7–40.8)22.9 (15.4–43.9)NS
Family history of diabetes (%)58.657.9NS
History of hyperglycemia (%)13.220.9NS
Gestational age at diagnosis (weeks)32 (10–39)31 (3–40)NS
Diagnostic OGTT (mmol/l)
 Fasting blood glucose4.5 (3.5–8.7)4.5 (3.3–10.9)NS
 1-h blood glucose11.6 (5.5–17.2)11.4 (7.3–18.7)NS
 2-h blood glucose10.2 (4.8–18.0)10.2 (6.8–18.7)NS
 3-h blood glucose7.3 (1.8–14.8)7.7 (3.2–23.7)NS
  • Data are median (range) or %. The diabetes nurse role in this report would be similar to that of an advanced practice nurse in the U.S.