Table 2—

Trends in prescription drug use (1997–2000) among patients with type 2 diabetes from the MarketScan database

Type 2 diabetic patients with ≥1 drug therapy episode (%)1997199819992000P*
Any insulin therapy21.620.019.218.1<0.0001
 Insulin Monotherapy18.315.514.513.0<0.0001
 Insulin Plus Any OAD5.
  INS + S2.<0.0001
  INS + M1.<0.0001
  INS + T2.
Any OAD therapy49.252.552.053.5<0.0001
 OAD monotherapy43.745.444.043.7<0.0001
 S + M10.912.113.113.5<0.0001
 S + T1.<0.0001
 M + T0.<0.0001
 S + M + T0.<0.0001
  • *

    * P value from Cochran-Armitage test across years 1997–2000. INS, insulin; M, metformin; S, sulfonylurea; T, thiazolidinedione. Note: “Any insulin therapy” and “Any OAD” do not sum to 100% because not all drug therapy combinations were investigated and patients could be counted under both “Any insulin therapy” and “Any OAD” (see research design and methods).