Table 1—

Age-standardized characteristics of 116,488 participants of the Nurses’ Health Study according to diabetes status

No diabetes*Type 2 diabetes*
Person-years (n)2,306,66459,171
Mean age (years)52.159.1
Breast cancer cases (n)5,403202
Family history of breast cancer (%)13.012.9
History of benign breast disease (%)44.741.7
Mean height (ms)1.641.63
Mean BMI at age 18 years (kg/m2)21.323.3
Mean adult BMI (kg/m2)25.030.7
Mean waist-to-hip ratio0.800.86
Mean age at menarche (years)12.512.1
Nulliparous women (%)6.97.3
Mean number of children (among parous women)3.23.3
Mean age at first birth (among parous women) (years)24.824.9
Premenopausal (%)37.234.7
Mean age at natural menopause (years)52.452.5
Use of postmenopausal hormones (among all women)
 Current (%)14.510.7
 Past (%)9.811.8
Physical activity (mean number of hours per week)3.22.7
Alcohol consumption
 None (%)28.352.0
 Mean grams per day (among women who drink alcohol)9.26.4
  • *

    * All values presented represent average values during follow-up;

  • a family history of breast cancer is defined as ever reporting breast cancer in a first-degree relative;

  • a history of benign breast disease is defined as ever reporting a history of fibrocystic or other benign breast disease.