Table 1—

Rates of DPN and its complications in the U.S.

Health statePopulationEstimated rateReferences
DPNPeople with diabetes59.40% (t1)(13)
49.00% (t2)
Neuropathic foot ulcerPeople with diabetes6.2% (t1)*(3, 17)
6.8% (t2)*
Not infectedPeople with diabetes and a foot ulcer87.4%(18)
With cellulitis9.0%
With osteomyelitis3.6%
Lower-limb amputationPeople with diabetes0.6%(3, 19)
FootLower-limb amputations12.0%(20)
  • *

    * Estimated prevalence rates of foot ulceration = 9.5% (type 1 diabetes) and 10.5% (type 2 diabetes); estimated proportion of foot ulcers being neuropathic = 65%.

  • Proportions of patient weeks spent in each state of ulceration. t1, type 1 diabetes; t2, type 2 diabetes.