Table 3—

Annual costs of DPN and its complications in the U.S.

Health stateType 1 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
All diabetes
PatientsAnnual cost ($ millions)PatientsAnnual cost ($ millions)PatientsAnnual cost ($ millions)
Diabetes (type)*832,50010,267,50011,100,000
Foot ulcer
Not infected*44,917$418612,290$5,698657,207$6,116
With cellulitis*4,632$11463,144$1,55267,776$1,666
With osteomyelitis*1,858$8525,323$1,15427,181$1,239
 Total annual cost$761$10,145$10,907
  • *

    * Number of patients at a given point in time;

  • number of new cases per year.