Table 4—

Results of the sensitivity analysis

Type 1 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
All diabetes
PatientsTotal annual cost ($ million)PatientsTotal annual cost ($ million)PatientsTotal annual cost ($ million)
Baseline estimate*494,505$7615,027,995$10,1455,522,500$10,907
Prevalence of DPN
 Low estimate247,253$7512,513,997$10,0372,761,250$10,788
 High estimate*741,758$7727,541,992$10,2538,283,750$11,025
Prevalence of foot ulceration
 Low estimate25,703$453317,009$6,343342,713$6,796
Proportions of foot ulcers accompanied by cellulitis or osteomyelitis
 Low estimate*514 (c)$6507,008 (c)$8,6247,522 (c)$9,273
514 (o)7,008 (o)7,522 (o)
 High estimate*5,141 (c)$88870,076 (c)$11,87675,216 (c)
5,141 (o)70,076 (o)$11,87575,216 (o)$12,763
Incidence of lower-limb amputation
 Low estimate1,623$70020,022$9,38321,645$10,083
 High estimate4,870$82360,065$10,90864,935$11,731
Scenario analysis
 Best scenario$325$4,312$4,637
 Worst scenario$961$12,745$13,706
  • Total annual cost of DPN and all complications.

  • *

    * Number of patients at a given point in time;

  • number of new cases per year. c, cellulitis; o, osteomyelitis.