Table 4—

Logistic regression was used in multivariate approach for evaluating the ability of BNP to identify left ventricular dysfunction over and above the information provided by other indicators

Coefficient BSEDegree of FreedomPExponent of B*95% CI for exponent of B*
History of CHF1.640.5710.0045.201.7015.80
Coronary artery disease0.280.3710.461.300.602.80
Coronary artery bypass grafting0.690.5410.202.000.705.70
Atrial fibrillation1.680.8710.045.301.1025.90
log10 BNP1.890.331<0.0016.603.5012.60
  • All variables in this table and BNP were used as independent variables in this analysis and the presence of left ventricular dysfunction was the dependent variable.

  • *

    * Exponent of B as the odds ratio for noncontinuous variables (all except BNP).