Table 4—

Neonatal morbidity (%) in the untreated IGT group, control subjects, and the women with treated GDM/diabetes

Control group (n = 810)Untreated IGT (n = 211)P*GDM (n = 116)
Apgar score <7 at 5′1.42.9NS0.9
Apgar score <5 at 5′0.51.0NS0.9
Erb’s palsy0.11.90.0070.9
Transient tachypnea1.81.4NS6.1
Hyperbilirubinemia requiring treatment4.15.7NS6.1
Polycytemi requiring treatment0.21.0NS
Admission to NICU 2 days or longer6.318.6<0.00128.7
No neonatal complication87.371.3<0.00164.6
  • Data are %.

  • *

    * For control vs. IGT subjects by χ2 test.

  • The glucose cut point for hypoglycemia was recommended to be <2.2 mmol/l.