Table 2

Pearson correlation coefficients between baseline predictors and insulin-associated weight gain after 12 months of insulin therapy

VariablerP value
Age (years)−0.270.03
Body fat (%)−0.280.04
HbA1c (%/mmol/mol)0.420.001
Insulin dose (units/day)*0.43<0.001
PAID score**0.310.03
  • *Analysis performed with Spearman rank correlation.

  • **Diabetes-related distress was measured by PAID scale. The other (nonsignificant) variables tested in simple correlation coefficients were sex (male/female), diabetes duration (years), presence of diabetes-related complications (neuropathy, nephropathy [microalbuminuria], retinopathy), body weight (kg), waist-to-hip ratio, skin fold measurement umbilicus (mm), body fat (%), use of metformin (yes/no), insulin dose (units/day), number of hypoglycemic episodes, physical activity (MET), thyroid hormone level (mU/L), PAID score, and center (patients treated in hospital versus treated by general practitioner).