Table 4—

RR of 18-month mortality by race and other covariates

CovariateUnadjusted hazard ratio95% CIAdjusted* hazard ratio95% CI
African American0.870.84–0.900.930.89–0.97
Native American1.020.86––1.36
Age category (years)
Diabetic ESRD3.873.73–4.022.722.60–2.84
Comparative risk in DN (subgroup analysis)
 Caucasians with DN1.01.0
 African Americans with DN0.790.76–0.830.910.87–0.95
 Hispanics with DN0.730.68–0.770.790.73–0.84
 Asians with DN0.630.50–0.800.790.61–1.01
 Native Americans with DN0.930.76–1.140.980.77–1.25
Comparative risk in ESRD (subgroup analysis)
 Caucasians with ESRD1.01.0
 African Americans ESRD0.780.75–0.810.870.84–0.91
 Hispanics with ESRD0.730.69–0.770.800.74–0.85
 Asians with ESRD0.640.52–0.790.810.65–1.02
 Native Americans with ESRD1.020.84––1.31
  • *

    * Adjusted for age, total number of visits, number of hospitalizations, region, and sex;

  • indicates patients with diabetic nephropathy not yet on dialysis. DN, diabetic nephropathy.