Table 2—

Adjusted* HbA1c level mean differences (SE) and clinical nutrition education

Clinical nutrition educationN = 7,490HbA1c mean difference (SE)95% CI
Nutrition education
 Yes4,967−0.09 (0.04)a−0.17, −0.02
 No2,5230.06 (0.04)b−0.03, 0.14
RD1,630−0.26 (0.10)c−0.45, −0.07
Both RD and non-RD863−0.32 (0.11)c−0.53, −0.11
non-RD2,474−0.19 (0.09)−0.38, −0.01
None2,402−0.10 (0.09)d−0.29, 0.08
Refused instruction121−0.07 (0.17)−0.40, 0.26
  • Data are n or means (SE).

  • *

    * Adjusted for age, sex, type of treatment, duration of diabetes, BMI, initial HbA1c level, and clinical facility

  • a,b and c,d are statistically significantly different by Tukey’s studentized range (honestly significant difference).