Table 1—

International clinical diabetic retinopathy disease severity scale

Proposed disease severity levelDilated ophthalmoscopy findings
No apparent retinopathyNo abnormalities
Mild nonproliferative DRMicroaneurysms only
Moderate nonproliferative DRMore than just microaneurysms, but less than severe NPDR
Severe nonproliferative DRNo signs of PDR, with any of the following:
  • More than 20 intraretinal hemorrhages in each of four quadrants

  • Definite venous beading in two or more quadrants

  • Prominent intraretinal microvascular anomalies in one or more quadrants

PDROne or more of the following:
  • Neovascularization

  • Vitreous or preretinal hemorrhage

  • NPDR = nonproliferative DR.