Table 1—

Comparative disease risk and comparative environmental risk in 535 nondiabetic physicians

Mean scores*Proportion responding “high risk”Proportion responding “moderate” or “high risk”
Comparative Disease or Condition Risks
 Heart disease2.4811.445.4
 High blood pressure2.4213.143.6
 Hearing loss1.975.823.0
 Infections needing medical treatment1.883.220.0
 Impotence (men only)1.842.717.1
 Kidney failure1.431.15.0
 Foot amputation1.240.62.5
Comparative Environmental Health Risks
 Driving/riding in auto2.525.451.4
 Air pollution2.053.624.5
 Violent crime1.901.715.7
 Extreme weather1.802.215.5
 Household chemicals1.711.312.0
 Secondary cigarette smoke1.673.713.6
 Medical X rays and radiation1.460.66.6
 Street/illegal drugs1.131.12.2
  • *

    * Mean scores are based on response scale ranging from 1 (“almost no risk”) to 4 (“high risk”).