Table 3—

Criterion validity: the associations of NeuroQoL and SF-12 scales with neuropathy

NeuroQoL and SF-12 scale criterion variablesPredictors
Painful symptoms0.165*−0.095
Symptoms of reduced feeling0.395*0.237*
Diffuse sensory motor symptoms0.283*0.105
SF-12 PCS−0.268*−0.135
Activity limitations0.234*0.270*
Interpersonal-emotional burden0.294*0.270*
SF-12 MCS−0.085−0.014
  • Note: cell entries are standardized regression (β) coefficients, controlling for country, age, sex, education, marital status, type of diabetes, duration of diabetes, sequelae of diabetes, and concomitant diseases. Each cell represents a separate analysis of the listed outcome using the predictor indicated.

  • *

    * P < 0.001;

  • P < 0.05;

  • P < 0.01.