Table 2—

Hazard ratios of developing diabetes compared with CCB arm

ModelACE inhibitorsβ-BlockersThiazide diuretics
Primary analysis in the hypertensive cohort
    Unadjusted0.92 (0.81–1.0)0.82 (0.70–0.95)
    Adjusted for age, sex0.92 (0.81–1.0)0.81 (0.70–0.95)
    Adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic status, drug index, hospital index, outpatient index, and use of thiazides0.96 (0.84–1.1)0.85 (0.73–1.0)
    Adjusted for all covariates*0.96 (0.84–1.1)0.86 (0.74–1.0)
Secondary analysis: thiazide diuretics as a fourth study arm
    Adjusted analysis*0.97 (0.83–1.1)0.84 (0.7–1.0)1.0 (0.89–1.2)
  • Data are hazard ratios (95% CI).

  • *

    * Adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic status, hospitalization index, outpatient index, drug index, rural residence, and use of niacin, phenytoin, resins, statins, α-blockers, atypical antipsychotics, corticosteroids, fibrates, and lithium. The primary analysis is also adjusted for thiazide diuretic use.