Table 3—

Changes in testing, risk-factor levels, and medication prescriptions from baseline through the intervention period

Intervention clinicControl clinics
        Tested at baseline95.197.098.994.196.4
    LDL cholesterol
        Tested at baseline69.983.373.087.182.9
    Blood pressure
        Tested at baseline94.296.796.7
    Urine albumin
        Tested at baseline61.932.023.931.830.6
Risk factor levels
        Last baseline value7.
        Change in HbA1c level (%)−0.3−0.2−0.2−0.2−0.30.7
        Change in percentage of patients with HbA1c <7.0%
    LDL cholesterol
        Last baseline value (mg/dl)106103110106105
        Change in percentage of patients with LDL cholesterol level <100 mg/dl19.314.519.313.715.10.9
    Blood pressure
        Last baseline value (mmHg)133/76132/76132/76
        Change in percentage of patients with blood pressure <130/80 mmHg7.
    ACE inhibitor/angiotensin receptor blocker
        Prescribed at baseline61.560.5
        Prescribed at baseline41.847.3
        Prescribed at baseline46.453.3
  • Data are percent, unless noted otherwise, and indicate proportions and percentage of change for that proportion (for testing and medication changes) or means and mean change when last measured from baseline (1 January 2000 to 31 August 2001) to follow-up (1 December 2001 to 31 July 2003) (for risk-factor levels). P values compare intervention clinic versus control clinic(s), accounting for clustering by physician. Statins, hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase inhibitors.