Table 2

Univariate analysis and manual backward stepwise logistic regression for death within 28 days from event using multiple imputed data sets (n = 1,839) and a Cox model for time to death after 28 days since first major cardiovascular event since the first clinic visit after 2002 (n = 1,613), conditional on 28-day survival (with imputation)

VariableLogistic regression: univariate analysisVariableCox regression: univariate analysis
Odds ratio (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)P
Prior hypoglycemia1.79 (1.38–2.32)<0.001Prior hypoglycemia1.35 (1.11–1.65)0.003
VariableManual backward stepwise regressionVariableManual backward stepwise regression
Odds ratio (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)P
Prior hypoglycemia1.79 (1.37–2.35)<0.001Prior hypoglycemia1.25 (1.02–1.53)0.033
Stroke event*0.44 (0.33–0.59)<0.001Log weighted HbA1c (%)2.57 (1.29–5.09)<0.001
Age at event1.03 (1.02–1.04)<0.001Age at event1.06 (1.05–1.07)<0.001
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg)0.99 (0.98–1.00)0.001BMI (kg/m2)0.98 (0.96–1.00)0.041
Lipid medication0.63 (0.49–0.82)<0.001Triglycerides (mmol/L)1.12 (1.02–1.23)0.019
Macroalbuminuria1.90 (1.45–2.48)<0.001Macroalbuminuria1.48 (1.20–1.83)<0.001
Prior heart failure1.91 (1.38–2.64)<0.001Prior heart failure1.48 (1.18–1.86)<0.001
Clinic visits within 1 year0.63 (0.48–0.81)<0.001CKD stage 3 and above1.87 (1.52–2.29)<0.001
Constant**0.31 (0.11–0.91)0.033Year of event0.94 (0.91–0.98)<0.001
Prior stroke1.32 (1.04–1.67)0.023
Prior PVD1.47 (1.23–1.76)<0.001
Prior ESRD1.39 (1.03–1.88)0.032
  • *Complication reference group is MI.

  • **Constant value is not an odds ratio.