Table 3—

Costs of diabetic patients in Spain in 2002

Cost of insulin (A10A) and oral hypoglycemic agents (A10B)*311.43311.43311.43
Other drugs777.00854.70932.40
Consumable goods (test strips + needles and syringes)70.09–80.7470.41–81.0670.73–81.38
Visits to endocrinologists + dialysis*127.46–144.69127.46–144.69127.46–144.69
Primary care visits181.24–226.55199.36–249.20217.49–271.86
Hospital costs*932.99932.99932.99
Total cost
    Minimum total cost2,400.22,496.32,592.59
    Maximum total cost2,473.42,574.12,674.7
Per-patient cost
    Minimum cost per patient1,432.71,354.61,289.6
    Maximum cost per patient1,476.41,396.81,330.5
  • Cost in millions of Euros, except population and per-patient figures.

  • *

    * Estimated costs do not depend on diabetes prevalence because they come from records and primary sources (see research design and methods).