Table 3—

Multivariable linear regression: adjusted relationship of nonadherence (CMG indices) and clinical outcomes

HbA1c model (adjusted R2 = 24%) (n = 257)
LDL model (adjusted R2 = 22%) (n = 215)
SBP model (adjusted R2 = 17%) (n = 310)
PredictorβSE (β)PPredictorβSE (β)PPredictorβSE (β)P
CMG for metformin* (%)0.0140.0040.000CMG for statins (%)0.4860.1150.000CMG for ACE inhibitors (%)0.0580.0430.174
African American vs. Caucasian0.2340.1580.141African American vs. Caucasian21.5884.4800.000African American vs. Caucasian0.1631.4190.909
Men vs. women0.2430.1550.120Men vs. women−7.3194.2320.085Men vs. women−1.7021.3900.222
Total number of anti-diabetic drugs0.5350.1130.000Total number of lipid-lowering drugs−0.9445.4650.863Total number of anti-hypertensive drugs3.4610.5830.000
Number of HbA1c tests−0.0210.0310.508Number of LDL tests2.5510.9320.007Number of SBP measurements−0.7390.9640.444
  • *

    * CMG indicates the proportion of days with gaps in medication refills over the days in the observation period.