Table 2—

RRs (95% CIs) of type 2 diabetes according to presence of depressive symptoms, 1992–1996

Depressive symptoms*
No. of cases863110
Age adjusted1.01.55 (1.27–1.90)<0.0001
Age, BMI adjusted1.01.36 (1.11–1.67)0.003
Multivariate1.01.22 (1.00–1.50)0.05
  • *

    * See Table 1 for definition of “depressive symptoms.”

  • Model included age (5-year category); time period (two periods), seven categories of BMI (< 21, 21–22.9, 23.0–24.9, 25.0–28.9, 29.0–32.0, 32.1–35.0, >35 kg/m2), cigarette smoking (never, past, and current smoker), menopausal status (premenopausal, postmenopausal without hormone replacement, postmenopausal with past hormone replacement, or postmenopausal with current hormone replacement), parental history of diabetes, alcohol consumption (four categories), history of hypertension, and quintile of physical activity (MET score).