Table 1—

Characteristics of participants aged 20–74 years, by survey*

NHES (1960–1962)NHANES I (1971–1974)NHANES II (1976–1980)NHANES III (1988–1994)NHANES (1999–2000)
Age distribution (%)
    20–44 years54.454.256.260.457.6
    45–64 years34.935.332.828.432.2
    65–74 years10.810.511.011.210.2
Women (%)52.552.251.950.750.4
Race/ethnicity (%)
    Non-Hispanic white75.570.3
    Non-Hispanic black11.111.1
    Mexican American5.26.6
Less than high school education (%)31.834.632.023.123.3
Height (mean cm)166.4168.0168.3168.9169.1
Weight (mean kg)70.371.671.976.180.4
BMI (kg/m2)25.425.325.326.628.0
Percentage in each BMI category
    <25 kg/m252.153.454.045.436.3
    25–29.9 kg/m233.432.331.532.133.4
    30–34.9 kg/m210.910.210.114.416.9
    ≥35 kg/m23.
Mean BMI in each category
    <25 kg/m221.921.821.922.122.2
    25–29.9 kg/m227.
    30–34.9 kg/m231.931.932.032.032.3
    ≥35 kg/m238.739.539.239.940.1
  • *

    * Denominator is based on all participants who had BMI data obtained from the mobile examination center and responded to questions about previously diagnosed diabetes.

  • Data are SE.