Table 3—

Unadjusted, univariate, and multivariate logistic regression analysis of inflammatory markers on elevated HOMA-IR*

Variable (1 SD)Unadjusted
Age, sex, and race adjusted
Multivariate adjusted
Ferritin (126.1 ng/ml)1.301.19–1.42<0.0011.231.13–1.33<0.0011.111.00–1.230.052
Uric acid (1.4 mg/dl)2.061.85–2.30<0.0012.372.05–2.75<0.0011.481.27–1.73<0.001
White blood cell count (2.2 × 109/l)1.431.30–1.58<0.0011.451.32–1.60<0.0011.341.16–1.55<0.001
Fibrinogen (80.6 mg/dl)1.291.17–1.41<0.0011.291.18–1.41<0.0011.191.06–1.340.004
Detectable C-reactive protein2.792.21–3.51<0.0012.662.12–3.34<0.0011.341.08–1.670.008
Clinically elevated4.293.11–5.91<0.0014.102.95–5.71<0.0012.031.36–3.030.001
  • *

    * The top 25th percentile compared with the bottom 75th percentile (≥2.86 vs. <2.86).

  • Adjusted for age, sex, race, education, physical activity, current and former smoking, alcohol intake, NSAID use in the past month, systolic blood pressure, BMI, waist circumference, serum total cholesterol, and triglycerides.

  • Detectable C-reactive protein level: 0.22–0.99 mg/dl; clinically elevated C-reactive protein level: ≥1.0 mg/dl.