Table 3—

Risk of mortality across fitness categories (quartiles of maximal METs attained during the exercise test) and BMI categories

AdjustmentsFitness quartiles (METs)
P for trend
RR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CIRR (ref)
Age, examination year5.72(3.54–9.24)3.01(1.84–4.93)1.64(0.97–2.79)1.0<0.0001
Above + nonmodifiable risk factors*5.23(3.22–8.49)2.93(1.79–4.80)1.62(0.95–2.75)1.0<0.0001
Above + modifiable risk factors4.29(2.61–7.05)2.68(1.62–4.44)1.58(0.92–2.70)1.0<0.0001
Above + BMI4.49(2.64–7.64)2.77(1.65–4.66)1.60(0.93–2.76)1.0<0.0001
AdjustmentsBMI categories (kg/m2)
P for trend
RR (ref)RR95% CIRR95% CI
Age, examination year1.01.23(0.93–1.63)1.86(1.34–2.59)0.0003
Above + nonmodifiable risk factors*1.01.23(0.93–1.63)1.82(1.31–2.53)0.0005
Above + modifiable risk factors1.01.07(0.81–1.43)1.51(1.08–2.10)0.02
Above + fitness (treadmill METs)1.00.81(0.61–1.09)0.81(0.56–1.16)0.22
  • *

    * Nonmodifiable risk factors include history of cancer or cardiovascular event or parental history of premature cardiovascular event;

  • modifiable risk factors include smoking, resting systolic blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose.