Table 2—

Evaluation of Breakthrough Series by diabetes quality improvement team members

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeitherAgreeStrongly agreen
 The Diabetes Collaborative was worth the effort.14435293*
 Participation in the Diabetes Collaborative was successful.15415292*
 Will continue Diabetes Collaborative model and interventions. (5 items)118651679
Models and tools
 PDSA System was used to implement change, useful, will continue to use. (3 items)11018531878
 Chronic Disease Model
  • Chronic Disease Model used as conceptual guide, useful, will continue to use. (3 items)9721979
  • Diabetes Collaborative helpful in improving elements of Chronic Disease  Model in CHC (6 items)311572979
 Data in monthly reports useful to clinic.612641890*
 Patient registry useful. (2 items)045523678
Education and assistance
 Institute for Healthcare Improvement training helpful.9652779
 Institute for Healthcare Improvement training clear.1024531379
 Midwest Cluster Coordinator helpful. (2 items)45474479
 Team learned from other CHCs in Midwest Cluster.514631879
 Communication within Collaborative. (6 items)25651079
Very inaccurateMostly inaccurateSlightly inaccurateUncertainSlightly accurateMostly accurateVery accuraten
Team functioning
 Team functioning (14-item scale)41428391579
NeverRarelyOccasionallySometimesFairly oftenAlmost alwaysAlwaysn
Team role
 Individual role clarity (4 items)1153841579
 Mission clarity (4 items)31028491079
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeitherAgreeStrongly agreen
Team interpersonal relations
 Team interpersonal relations (7 items)131571079
 Team efficacy (3 items)1320611579
Collaborative atmosphere/consensus at meetings: (2 items) (atmosphere: 1 = tense/confrontational, . . . , 5 = relaxed/collaborative) (consensus: 1 = never, seldom, sometimes, often, 5 = always)41415478
Meetings and hours of work
 Frequency of team meetingsMonthlyBiweeklyWeeklyn
 Average attendance of respondent: percent of meetings0%20%40%60%80%100%n
 Hours per week on collaborative1–56–1011–1516–20≥21n
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeitherAgreeStrongly agreen
Costs of Diabetes Collaborative participation
 Data collection burdensome (2 items)518532479
 Adequate time to work on Diabetes Collaborative (3 items)1303928179
 Administrative support258454093*
 Nonteam coworker support821601278
 Time away from other duties by administration to work on collaborative13222336577
General institutional environment
 Significant team member/clinic staff turnover during collaborative (2 items)81922322079
 Patients/nonteam coworkers commented on changes initiated by team (2 items)22621778
  • Data are % unless otherwise indicated.

  • *

    * Includes telephone respondents.