Table 2—

Proportion of patients conforming with process and outcome measures by setting of care, unadjusted for patient characteristics

GPsDOCs 1*DOCs 2P: GPs vs. DOCs 1P: GPs vs. DOCs 2
Process measures
 HbA1c at least twice a year42.973.275.5<0.0001<0.0001
 Total cholesterol at least once a year66.465.870.70.80.05
 HDL cholesterol at least once a year49.754.758.00.0150.0003
 Triglycerides at least once a year62.963.967.50.60.04
 Serum creatinine at least once a year65.064.875.00.9<0.0001
 Microalbuminuria at least once a year31.352.649.0<0.0001<0.0001
 Dilated eye examination at least once a year38.554.857.9<0.0001<0.0001
 Foot examination at least once a year39.551.548.0<0.00010.0008
Outcome measures
 HbA1c >8%25.626.724.20.600.50
HbA1c ≤7%52.048.350.70.100.60
 Blood pressure
  ≥140/90 mmHg64.664.563.70.950.72
  <130/85 mmHg11.514.414.80.040.04
 Total cholesterol
  >5.70 mmol/l46.741.040.50.0080.01
  ≤5.18 mmol/l29.736.838.40.00050.0002
 LDL cholesterol
  >3.37 mmol/l57.853.
  <2.86 mmol/l13.616.414.60.150.65
  • P values refer to χ2 test.

  • *

    * All patients followed by DOCs;

  • only patients always followed by the same physician within DOCs.