Table 1—

Baseline characteristics, admission diagnoses, and relevant clinical interventions employed for 52 MICU patients who were placed on the Yale IIP

CharacteristicIIP Patients
Age (years)59 ± 18
Male sex62
  African American19
BMI (kg/m2)28.5 ± 8.3
APACHE II score23.9 ± 9.2
Admission blood glucose level (mg/dl)234 ± 149
History of diabetes56
Primary diagnosis
  Respiratory failure36
  Gastrointestinal hemorrhage13
  Renal failure6
  Primary cardiovascular events17
Clinical interventions
  Corticosteroid therapy52
  Vasopressor therapy25
  Enteral nutrition65
  Parenteral nutrition10
  • Data are means ± SD or percent.