Table 9—

Conditions causing erroneous bedside blood glucose results

Sources of analytical errorSources of user error
Low hematocrit*Inadequate meter calibration
High hematocritUsing a test strip that does not match the meter code or that has passed the expiration date
Shock and dehydrationInadequate quality-control testing
HypoxiaPoor meter maintenance
Hyperbilirubinemia, severe lipemia*Poor technique in performing fingerprick
Specimen additives: sodium flouridePoor technique of applying drop of blood to the test strip
Drugs—acetaminophen overdose, ascorbic acid, dopamine, fluorescein, mannitol, salicylateFailure to record results in patient’s chart or to take action if blood glucose is out of target range
  • *

    * Falsely elevates result;

  • falsely lowers result;

  • can either falsely lower or elevate result, depending on the device used.