Table 3—

HRR for all-cause mortality associated with weight loss intent and weight change among overweight and obese persons with diabetes

Weight change (median)Prevalence (%)Death rate (%/year)Primary model* HRR (95% CI)Fully adjusted HRR (95% CI)Excluding first 2 years of mortality
Not trying to lose weight
 Stable weight/weight gain023.
 Lost weight− (1.20–2.48)1.58 (1.08–2.31)1.28 (0.84–1.94)
Trying to lose weight overall−569.03.20.80 (0.63–1.01)0.77 (0.61–0.99)0.77 (0.58–1.01)
 Stable weight/weight gain031.52.80.74 (0.57–0.98)0.72 (0.55–0.96)0.77 (0.57–1.05)
 Lost weight−1537.53.40.85 (0.66–1.11)0.83 (0.63–1.08)0.76 (0.56–1.04)
  • *

    * Primary model adjusted for age, sex, race, smoking, education and initial BMI;

  • fully adjusted model: initial BMI, age, race, sex, education, self-rated health, smoking, diabetes medications, duration of disease, functional limitations, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, retinal disease, neuropathy symptoms, hospital days, and doctor visits.