Table 2—

Estimated numbers of people with diabetes by region for 2000 and 2030 and summary of population changes

Region (all ages)200020302000–2030
Number of people with diabetesNumber of people with diabetesPercentage of change in number of people with diabetes*Percentage of change in total population*Percentage of change in population >65 years of age*Percentage of change in urban population*
Established market economies44,26868,15654980N/A
Former socialist economies11,66513,96020−1442N/A
Other Asia and Islands22,32858,1091484219891
Sub-Saharan Africa7,14618,64516197147192
Latin America and the Caribbean13,30732,9591484019456
Middle Eastern Crescent20,05152,7941636719494
  • *

    * A positive value indicates an increase, a negative value indicates a decrease.