Table 2—

Comparison of SF-36 quality-of-life dimension and summary component scores for those with or without diabetes and with or without depression in diabetes

No diabetes/ no depressionDepression onlyDiabetes overallDiabetes onlyDiabetes and depression
Physical functioning83.469.1*73.2*71.645.4
Role limitations (physical)80.656.7*62.4*66.524.1
Bodily pain76.961.1*68.2*71.147.2
General health74.656.6*57.6*61.335.0
Social functioning88.366.1*79.0*86.851.0
Role limitations (emotional)88.155.4*80.9*90.649.2
Mental health80.158.8*77.2*84.855.0
  • *

    * Statistically significant lower than those without diabetes or depression at P ≤ 0.05;

  • statistically significant lower than those with diabetes and no depression at P = 0.05.