Table 1—

Baseline characteristics from index pregnancy and routine follow-up for women with previous diet-treated GDM comparing participants and nonparticipants in the 2002 follow-up study

Age at index pregnancy (years)31.7 (27.7–35.7)30.6 (27.8–34.2)0.114
Prepregnancy BMI (kg/m2)25.1 (21.9–29.8)26.9 (22.0–31.7)0.035
Gestational age at diagnosis (days)227 (197–249)227 (197–249)0.842
Gestational age at birth (days)274 (267–278)272 (265–278)0.171
Fasting plasma glucose at diagnosis (mmol/l)5.0 (4.5–5.5)5.1 (4.7–5.7)0.059
Nordic origin (%)
Follow-up 2 months postpartum (%)91.983.5<0.0005
IGT 2 months postpartum (%)
Diabetes 2 months postpartum (%)
Attendance to routine follow-up OGTT (%)87.565.8<0.0005
Diabetes at latest routine follow-up (%)24.436.80.001
  • Data are median (interquartile range) unless otherwise indicated.

  • Women with previous GDM and without known diabetes are offered regular OGTT after delivery with 1- to 2-year intervals. Boldface data are significant.