Table 2—

Factor analysis of 17 items reflective of QOL and directly related to diet therapy

Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3
Factor 1: Satisfaction with diet
 Feeling that the meals are delicious*0.77−0.050.01
 Feeling satisfied after meals*0.860.030.00
 Able to enjoy meals*0.74−0.050.08
 Having a feeling of fullness after meals*0.640.05−0.06
Factor 2: Burden of diet therapy
 Necessity to eat meals at regular hours−0.040.410.07
 Necessity to keep the energy intake constant−0.120.730.04
 Necessity to make menus−0.040.650.01
 Not being able to eat favorite foods0.070.70−0.13
 Not being able to eat the same foods as others in gatherings, etc.0.090.73−0.01
 Economic burden associated with the diet therapy0.070.440.02
 Not being able to eat the same foods as other family members0.040.750.00
 Necessity to cook or have someone cook the diabetic diet−0.070.620.04
Factor 3: Perceived merits of diet therapy
 Feeling that the health condition is good*
 Feeling that the glycemic control status is good*0.02−0.010.64
 Having learned to lead a regular life*−
 Feeling that the family bond has become closer*0.04−0.040.51
 Feeling that worsening of diabetes has been successfully kept under check*−
  • *

    * Reverse items. n = 236.