Table 3—

Correlations among the DDRQOL scale and the SF-36 subscales

DDRQOL subscalesSF-36 subscales
Physical functioningRole physicalBodily painGeneral health perceptionVitalitySocial functioningRole emotionalMental health
Satisfaction with diet0.15*0.15*0.060.16*
Burden of diet therapy0.
Perceived merits of diet therapy0.12−−0.080.01−0.02
General perception of diet0.13*0.17**0.26
Restriction of social functions0.*0.510.250.33
Mental health0.210.370.270.470.650.410.461.00
  • n = 236. Boldface indicates an expected relationship.

  • *

    * P < 0.05;

  • P < 0.01.