Table 2—

Entry criteria and proportion of patients at high risk as determined by IDF risk assessment guidelines

Entry criteria
 MI2,445 (46.7)
 Acute coronary syndrome715 (13.7)
 Other evidence of CAD2,521 (48.1)
 Percutaneous coronary intervention/coronary artery bypass graft1,613 (30.8)
 Peripheral arterial obstructive disease1,041 (19.9)
 Stroke985 (18.8)
 Patients meeting one entry criterion2,654 (51.5)
 Patients meeting two entry criteria1,204 (23.4)
 Patients meeting more than three entry criteria1,296 (25.1)
Proportion of patients at high risk
 Triglycerides1,858 (36.0)
 HDL cholesterol1,679 (32.6)
 LDL cholesterol714 (13.9)
 Combined blood pressure*3,727 (71.2)
 Systolic blood pressure3,405 (65.0)
 Diastolic blood pressure2,279 (43.5)
  • Data are n (%).

  • *

    * Combined blood pressure ″high risk″ is defined as systolic blood pressure at ″high risk″ (≥140 mmHg) and/or diastolic blood pressure at ″high risk″ (≥85 mmHg).