Table 1—

Summary results

TreatmentYears free of ESRDCumulative incidence ESRD (%)Life expectancy (years)Life-years gained vs. control (years)Life-years gained: early vs. late irbesartan (years)25-year costsCost savings vs. controlCost savings: early vs. late irbesartan
Control12.420.013.19 (10.50)$28,782
Early irbesartan14.47.014.75 (11.46)1.55 (0.96)1.48 (0.92)$16,859$11,922$8,670
Late irbesartan12.716.013.27 (10.54)0.07 (0.05)$25,529$3,252
  • Data are mean (discounted results) unless otherwise indicated. Undiscounted life expectancy is shown (with discounted life expectancy in parentheses). Costs are discounted at 3% annually. Control treatment consisted of standard antihypertensive medications excluding ACE inhibitors, other angiotensin-2 receptor antagonists, and dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers with equivalent blood pressure control.