Table 2—

Risk of development of diabetes according to FPG in the Singapore Impaired Glucose Tolerance Follow-up Study

Glucose tolerance based on FPG criterianPercentage who developed diabetesOdds ratio (95% CI)
Analyses with subjects pooled within categories of FPG if FPG 5.6–6.9 mmol/l
 FPG < 5.6 mmol/l
  IGT*8919.19.7 (3.5–26.3)
 FPG 5.6–6.0 mmol/l13722.212.4 (4.7–32.8)
 FPG 6.1–6.9 mmol/l4355.255.1 (20.4–148.7)
Analyses with study subjects stratified by both FPG and 2-h PG criteria
 FPG < 5.6 mmol/l
  IGT*8919.19.7 (3.5–26.8)
 FPG 5.6–6.0 mmol/l
  NGT*669.64.4 (1.3–14.6)
  IGT*7131.119.8 (7.4–53.5)
 FPG 6.1–6.9 mmol/l
  NGT*1028.617.6 (4.0–77)
  IGT*3359.866.2 (24.1–182.1)
  • Odds ratios of future diabetes were estimated using logistic regression analysis and were adjusted for age, sex, and ethnic group. Data are presented for glucose tolerance determined by FPG with and without stratification by 2-h PG following a 75-g OGTT.

  • *

    * Glucose tolerance based on 2-h PG criteria.