Table 2—

Adenosine-sestamibi SPECT results (n = 522)

Normal stress test40978.4
Abnormal stress test11321.6
Abnormal myocardial perfusion8315.9
        Ischemia and scar78
    Defect size (percent of left ventricle)
        Small (<5%)5060
        Moderate (≥5 and <10%)2935
        Large (≥10%)45
    Anatomic location
        Anterior and inferior34
    Other associated abnormality*
        Left ventricular dysfunction828
        TID and left ventricular dysfunction311
        Adenosine-induced ST-segment depression933
Normal myocardial perfusion43984.1
    Other associated abnormality
        Left ventricular dysfunction413
        TID and left ventricular dysfunction14
        Adenosine-induced ST-segment depression2170
  • TID, transient ischemic dilation.

  • *

    * n = 28;

  • n = 30.