Table 4

Effects of inflammation mediators on the association between severe hypoglycemia and macrovascular events

OR (95% CI)P value
Macrovascular disease events2.30 (1.13, 4.64)0.021
Coronary heart disease event2.45 (1.11, 5.36)0.026
Cerebrovascular disease event1.27 (0.35, 4.66)0.716
MI3.97 (1.49, 10.60)0.006
Stroke1.11 (0.25, 4.86)0.893
  • Sample size: n = 973. Logistic regression adjusted for baseline age, sex, smoking, blood pressure, HbA1c level, cholesterol level, HDL level, BMI, eGFR, microalbuminuria, use of lipid-lowering and blood pressure–lowering medications; and prevalent (baseline) composite macrovascular events, cardiovascular disease events, cerebrovascular disease events, MI, and stroke; baseline diabetes treatment and duration; and CRP, fibrinogen, IL-6, and TNF-α levels at baseline.