Table 1—

Clinical characteristics

Clinical characteristicsnMeans ± SD or percent
Type 2 diabetes95.6
Treatment intensity
    Oral hypoglycemic59.0
    Insulin, alone, or plus oral medications30.1
    Number of HbA1c tests in prior year2.2 ± 1.3
    HbA1c level (%)7.8 ± 1.6
    Number of diabetes complications1.4 ± 1.5
    Major depression12.0
    BMI >30 kg/m248.9
General self-care activities (days performed in the past week)4,463
    Healthy eating once weekly or less9.8
    Five servings of fruits/vegetables once weekly or less21.6
    High-fat foods ≥6 days12.4
    Physical activity once weekly or less (≥30 min)29.3
    Specific exercise session once weekly or less47.8
Diabetes-specific self-care (patients on hypoglycemic medications or insulin)3,439
    Tested blood sugar once weekly or less17.9
    Tested recommended times once weekly or less24.8
    Checked feet once weekly or less20.1
    Checked inside of shoes once weekly or less59.9
Medication adherence2,655
    Nonadherence to oral hypoglycemic medicines in prior year19.5 (64.7 days)