Table 3—

Summary of major recommendations

RecommendationsEvidence grading
Evaluation for type 2 diabetes should be performed within the health care setting. Patients, particularly those with a BMI ≥25 kg/m2*, should be screened at 3-year intervals beginning at age 45; testing should be considered at an earlier age or be carried out more frequently in those who are overweight if additional diabetes risk factors are present.E
The FPG is the recommended screening test. The OGTT may be necessary for the diagnosis of diabetes when the FPG is normal. The FPG is preferred for screenings because it is faster and easier to perform, more convenient, acceptable to patients, and less expensive.C
Diagnostic testing should be performed in any clinical situation in which such testing is warranted; health care providers should not consider whether a person meets screening criteria in such cases.E
Screening outside of health care settings, or community screening, has not been shown to be beneficial and may result in some harm; this type of screening is not recommended.E
  • *

    * May not be correct for all ethnic groups.