Table 2—

Linear mixed effects fully adjusted* model-predicted outcomes at baseline and end of study for randomized controlled trial patients with visits to residents in the different intervention arms

BaselineEnd of studyWithin groupControl
A1C (%)
    Reminders only7.997.690.01340.3439
    Feedback only7.987.580.00020.1523
    Feedback + reminders8.027.46<0.00010.0140
sBP (mmHg)
    Reminders only135.73136.930.34770.0544
    Feedback only137.05133.870.00840.5693
    Feedback + reminders138.36134.960.00370.5872
LDL cholesterol (mm/dl)
    Reminders only119.24104.01<0.00010.9413
    Feedback only119.08104.94<0.00010.8029
    Feedback + reminders121.63103.43<0.00010.6028
  • *

    * Adjusted for differences in age, sex, race, BMI, known duration of diabetes, length of follow-up, clustering, and number of medical clinic and diabetes clinic visits. P values vs. control compare differences with changes in values in the control group.