Table 2—

Summary of cohort studies* reporting diabetes during acute D+HUS, 1966 to present

Author (ref.)Location of studyYear of HUSOutbreak or sporadicMean or median follow-up (range) (months)HUS (n)Male (%)Mean or median age (range) (months)Diarrhea (%)E.coli O157:H7 (%)CNS symptoms (%)Acute dialysis (%)Mortality (%)Lost to follow-up (%)Diabetes (%)Definition of diabetes
Andreoli and Bergstein (14,34)Indiana∼1980Sporadic<320NRNRNRNRNRNRNR015.0HRI
Bernard et al. (15)Paris, France1985–1992Sporadic<337412584019NRNR00.0HRI
Brandt et al. (16)Seattle, WA1996Sporadic<3175949.71001000590.000.0HRI
Brandt and colleauges (17,38,40)Seattle, WA1992–1993Outbreak27375360958616578.116.28.1HRI
Crawford et al. (18)Camperdown, Australia1966–1989Sporadic1280NRNRNRNRNRNRNR01.3HRI
de la Hunt et al. (19)Newcastle, U.K.1982–1989Sporadic<37842NR100NR1091.302.6HRI
Elliott et al. (20) and Henning et al. (39)Australian subcontinent1994–1998Both1284NR31 (18–99)1001220633.622.63.6HRI
Guyot et al. (21)Nantes, France1980–1985Sporadic243746392NR32598.15.42.7IDDM
Hughes et al. (22)Glasgow, Scotland1972–1988Sporadic47.4 (3–170)794733 (2–164)90NR417511.416.51.3DKA
Milford et al. (23)British Isles, U.K.1985–1988Sporadic13 (4–40)2734756 (0–180)1002119585.17.71.5NR
Robitaille et al. (24)Montreal, Canada1976–1996Sporadic<3241NRNR88NRNR563.300.8HRI
Robson and colleagues (25,3537)Calgary, Canada1980–1992Sporadic<31215242 (1–192)1004221504.105.8HRI
Taylor et al. (26)West Midlands, U.K.1982–1983BothNR353758 (8–168)100934698.6NR5.7IDDM
  • *

    * Studies in this table were included in the meta-analysis.

  • Multiple references indicate data from several studies describing same cohort were combined.

  • This study used 1995 World Health Organization criteria to define hyperglycemia. IDDM, as defined by original study authors. CNS, central nervous system; DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis; ESRD, end-stage renal disease requiring permanent renal replacement therapy; HRI, hyperglycemia requiring insulin; NR, not reported (see text for details).