Table 3—

Characteristics of 49 children with diabetes during acute D+HUS reported in the literature, 1966 to present

CharacteristicMedian or no. with characteristic (range)Percent with characteristic
Age (years)2.5 (1.5–9)
Female15 of 2463
Diarrhea40 of 40100
Bloody diarrhea12 of 1392
Ketoacidosis7 of 1164
CNS symptoms21 of 2584
Acute dialysis31 of 31100
Peritoneal dialysis21 of 2778
Diazoxide3 of 1916
Steroids0 of 140
Insulin38 of 4486
Death10 of 4423
Follow-up (months)12 (2–180)
Persistent diabetes requiring insulin*11 of 3432
Relapse after initial recovery*2 of 346
Complete recovery*21 of 3462
ESRD*4 of 1921
Other renal sequelae*6 of 1346
Exocrine pancreatic disease7 of 2035
  • *

    * In survivors.

  • Defined as increased amylase or lipase, absent fecal chymotrypsin with increased fecal fat and pancreatic calcifications, and need for pancreatic enzyme replacement. CNS, central nervous system; ESRD, end-stage renal disease requiring permanent renal replacement therapy (see text for details).