Table 4—

Plasma blood glucose and A1C goals for type 1 diabetes by age group

Values by agePlasma blood glucose goal range (mg/dl)
Before mealsBedtime/overnight
Toddlers and preschoolers (<6 years)100–180110–200<8.5 (but >7.5) %• High risk and vulnerability to hypoglycemia
School age (6–12 years)90–180100–180<8%• Risks of hypoglycemia and relatively low risk of complications prior to puberty
Adolescents and young adults (13–19 years)90–13090–150<7.5%*• Risk of hypoglycemia
• Developmental and psychological issues
Key concepts in setting glycemic goals:
• Goals should be individualized and lower goals may be reasonable based on benefit–risk assessment
• Blood glucose goals should be higher than those listed above in children with frequent hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia unawareness
• Postprandial blood glucose values should be measured when there is a disparity between preprandial blood glucose values and A1C levels
  • *

    * A lower goal (<7.0%) is reasonable if it can be achieved without excessive hypoglycemia