Table 1—

Determination of components of the β-score

ComponentsScore of 2Score of 1Score of 0
Fasting plasma glucose (mmol/l)≤5.55.6–6.9≥7.0
HbA1c (%)≤6.16.2–6.9≥7.0
Daily insulin (units/kg) or OHA use0.01–0.24 and/or OHA use≥0.25
Stimulated C-peptide (nmol/l)≥0.3*0.1–0.29<0.1
  • *

    * If fasting C-peptide was ≥0.3 nmol/l, then the stimulated C-peptide level was assumed to be ≥0.3 nmol/l.

  • If stimulated C-peptide was <0.1 nmol/l, then an overall score of 0 was awarded.